Welcome to the first blog of my new, re-energized, website. I’m excited to be connecting with you. The topic of connection has been front and centre for me for a while now. In fact, I had the honour and privilege of being among twelve other speakers at the TEDxJIBC event, held at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) just yesterday, and the topic of connection was a theme that ran throughout the day: connecting with ourselves, our teams, organization and our communities and the world at large. The event was an amazing experience; not only was I able to give the closing talk, which was incredibly powerful for me, and, I think the audience, it was amazing as well as a result of the passion, vulnerability and wholeheartedness of the other speakers who told their stories, shared information and encouraged all of us through their own, unique calls to action.

The theme for the TEDx event, supported by LifeLabs, was, “Small Ripple, Big Waves” and each speaker wove this theme into their talks very uniquely. And, I appreciated that most, if not all, focused in one way or another on the importance of connection and belonging. In fact, Dr. Brené Brown through years of research has found that “human beings are hardwired for connection and belonging.”

In an effort to continue this theme and this human need, I look forward to connecting with you through this blog; to perhaps provide a way for us to connect with our own stories, experiences – and ourselves – on topics that matter to us with respect to igniting passion, connection and belonging in our workplaces and in our communities.